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Graphene’s vast experience of 10+ years in storage space, with its Center of Excellence (CoE) offers technology-specific capabilities spanning across Storage Devices, controller and hosts. Graphene contributes to development, testing and maintenance till end of life-support across VLSI, Hardware and Software Design.

  • Storage Devices : 
    • Product Testing of SATA-SSD, NVMe-SSD, HDD and UFS based on state of the art Test Automation Methodologies
    • Design and Development of Storage Protocols such as SATA, SAS and NVMe
    • Development and Validation of NAND FLASH Read/Write, Garbage Collection, Wear levelling and Error correction algorithms
    • Development of Object Oriented Validation Framework for Storage Devices

  • Storage Controller : 
    • Development of Device Driver for SATA-AHCI Controller to maximize Data transfer throughput
    • Development of Storage Protocol Test tool for various storage devices

  • Data Centre Infrastructure : 
    • Product testing of RAID Controller variants based on state of the art Test Automation Methodologies
    • Development of Python based Storage Test Automation Framework

  • Storage Management :
    • Development and validation of file systems for storage devices
    • Development and Validation of Cloud infrastructure software components

The technology space spans across solid state drive (SSD), de-duplication, FS, FTL, SAS/SATA, ISCSI high-performance computing and server virtualization of host side stacks, network entities, and computer storage devices.

Software Design

Graphene’s design services portfolio includes protocol development
and testing, firmware development & validation, device drivers,
test frameworks and application development

Our services include:

  • Protocol : Protocol development and testing of TCP/IP, OSI, USB, Fire wire, and Infiniband; SATA, NAS (NFS, CIFS, Samba, NDMP), PCIe SSD (FTL, NVMe, AHCI), Fibre Channel (FCP, FC-GS, FC-AL, FC-PH, FC-SW), iSCSI, SCSI, SCSI Architecture Models (SAM).

  • Firmware : BSP and Driver development for linux, windows, android etc. Porting and optimizing for custom hardware, system software development, and middleware development and server testing.

  • Device Driver : Device Driver development and testing, custom BSP development and testing, custom API development and testing, multi-platform support, codec integration, and development kit application development.

  • Management : RAID Filesystems, Storage Platforms (BMC, IPMI etc), High availability, Disaster recovery, clustering for device level, network level, and enterprise level.

Hardware Design

Graphene’s design services portfolio includes storage specific VLSI ASIC, FPGA RTL
Design, verification & validation, Synthesis, Physical Design and hardware engineering.
We offer these services for full lifecycle solutions.

Our services include:

  • ASIC Design : Logic Design, physical design, retargeting, reengineering, ARM, x86, x86-64, Ultra Sparc, RISC, PPC, Switch Fabric ASIC, Storage SOC, SAS Expanders, FC-SAS Bridge, FC-SATA Bridge.

  • FPGA Design : Complex, logic intensive designs, Upto 3 Million Gate FPGA, Proof of Concept.

  • Silicon IPs : Networking, multimedia standards, SoC building blocks.

  • Verification & Validation : Complete verification activities, C / PLI based Methodology, HVL based Methodology.

  • Board Design : Concept to total product networking, diagnostics, BSP, driver development, high-complexity PCB designs, standards compliance.